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The Process

It’s easier than you think to get started with Parallel.

Layer 1
Non-Disclosure Agreement

After our initial contact, we both will sign a non-disclosure form that ensures our conversations and requests are held in complete confidentiality.

Layer 2
Preliminary Financial Review & Evaluation

We request high-level financial information to assist us in the valuation of your practice. We’ll also coordinate management meetings to ensure all questions are answered.

Layer 3
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Once we’ve had a chance to review the information provided and talk to you about the practice, we will prepare a letter of intent. The LOI is a non-binding document that describes the detailed terms of the transaction.

Layer 4
Confirmatory Due Diligence

Once an LOI is signed by both parties we conduct confirmatory due diligence. During this stage, we will introduce you to our legal, accounting, benefits, and compliance advisors. Most, if not all, of their work will be handled remotely.

Layer 5
Definitive Agreements

Once the confirmatory due diligence is done and the legal documents reviewed, it’s time to close the deal. Once the documents are signed, we wire your cash proceeds.

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