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The Support of a Parallel Partnership

No matter where you are in your career, Parallel ENT & Allergy Partners can help you realize your goals. A Parallel Partnership supports you and your practice with:


The Difference of a Parallel Partnership

We’re all striving for common goals, which means no matter what area is most important to your practice, you’re empowered to achieve your long-term growth success targets. Your most critical asset is the care you provide for your patients. Ensure that it is consistent by letting us handle the rest.

Fewer Headaches & More Support

Tap into our infrastructure expertise, from HR and administration to IT, compliance, and revenue cycle management—and reduce administrative burdens that result in lost time and money for your practice and allow you to give your patients more time and attention.

Power in Numbers

You don’t need to be a large practice to reap the benefits of one. Our scale will allow us to optimize collection processes and negotiate better employee benefit plans, as well as provide the capital to access the newest technologies, purchase equipment, and develop marketing strategies – all to grow your practice.

Networking & Mentorship

Our physician-centric network is comprised of doctors you’ll be proud to have as your peers and colleagues—professionals who are bound by the same high standards and beliefs. Our like-minded physician partners are not only committed to delivering the best care possible but also sharing their strengths across the network for the benefit of all.

Attract & Retain Talent

The ultimate hiring decision will always remain yours, but we can help source, and vet the highest quality candidates.

Pursue Your Passion

What are your goals? Strategic planning? Growth? We can help you strategize to help you establish a better work-life balance and preserve your legacy.

Seamless Transition

We work with you side-by-side to ensure no hiccups, downtime, or disruptions during the transition when you become our partner.

Client Testimonial

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